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This Dreamwidth layout was just too pretty to ignore, so in commemoration of its implementation, a post!


So how long has it been again? Eheh... anyway, to break the ice I'll just talk a bit about the present:

I'm on the verge of finishing my first assignment for the semester, which is good. Then I just need to learn Java really, really fast for the lab test tomorrow within the next few hours. *sigh* Guess it's not so easy to change.

The duel disk that I ordered almost a month ago arrived two days ago. The first thing I thought after opening it was 'Aww, it's not as cool as the one in the anime but IT'S STILL SO AWESOME *_*' Most of the time, I have trouble keeping the big bits the right way up, but I think I can manage with a lot more practice and maybe some duct tape. I'm sort of hoping that maybe I can use it as a part of a costume for when I go to Manifest this month, but then, what costume? OTL I have absolutely no experience with these things, and my intention was to come up with a 'casual' cosplay (is there such a thing?) because I'm completely new to this sort of thing and I'll only be around for one day.

On the creative front, I've been rather appalled at myself. I just don't get as many ideas as I used to and I have so much trouble expanding on the ones I do have. I still get the cravings to make something, but whenever I try to pen something down, it ends up as a jumbled list of bullet points, with so many ideas that I'm just unsure of or constantly want to change. If I try to go straight for the narrative, my mind can't even pinpoint a place to start. Drawing used to help me out a lot but just like writing, it's harder than ever to even doodle and my dislike for my current style is a real turn off.

There's still a lot I feel like blogging about right now, but I should really go finish up my uni things and sleep. There's quite a bit of fandom stuff I'd like to talk about too, but I don't really want to draw attention to my incomplete Livejournal layout... ah well.

Peace out~
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