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2009-11-04 12:45 am

First post on my new DW account!

Receiving an offer for an invitation for a DW account from [info - personal] sky had been the best surprise in ages; it's right up there next to the early release of DGM chapter 188! 最高だった! \(*T▽T*)/ワーイ

With this I intend to contribute to the DW communities, especially the [info - community] dgm one (I love this series too much). I've also found some other neato communities and it'll be nice to watch them grow~

One thing I definitely wasn't thinking about when I got this account was what to write in it (アホか?) and it'll be quite sad to leave it empty. I could just crosspost my entries here to my LJ one, but I'd like them both to be unique in some way. Some options I'm considering are to:
  • Post my original and fanwork. (Once I finish something...)
  • Do weekly Japanese entries with english translations for practice; this option is the one most likely to make me seem retarded. >>
  • Food rants - Not sure how often I'll update though.
  • Recommendations for things like online games, flash movies, sites, manga, etc.?
  • All the above?
What I'll do with this in the end only time will tell. I might end up just crossposting things to LJ afterall. But since I was thinking about it anyway:

Foods I just found out about and want to try: Poutine and Donair

Poutine is basically fries cooked in gravy with cheese and Donair is like a kebab (haven't had one of those in ages). They were in a Fictionpress story called 'Hiring a Hooligan' that was recommended by my sister. It's the typical romance of a nerdy girl who inadvertently gets a boyfriend and finds more to life than knowledge but for me, it's main selling points would be the uniqueness of the first character interactions. It's not a bad story but I'm not that into it. I prefer 'Heart Lotion SPF 20', which is also another romance put forward by my sister.

It's a pity it's so hard to find a good fantasy story at Fictionpress. Maybe if I stop being so judgmental over the summaries... they're either too cliché, too vague, say nothing about the story at all, are just shout outs for reviews or have 'vampire' and 'werewolf/lycan' in it. I've considered checking out the Young Adult section but it seems to be full of romance stories. Sigh. 

Phew. Guess I really needed to get that out of my chest. Sorry if that was weird. I think I'm finally getting a grip on the concept of 'journaling'. まあまあだな。

Edit: Fixed bad coding and a few misspellings. Really sorry about that. ><